Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healing happens at the point of letting go

Amazing.  It has been six years to the day that I started this blog.  It was a small group of Christian Science practitioners who got together over several conference calls and learned as much as they could to see how to further the word about Christian Science and its healing prayer through the internet.  Today, I have lost track of how many sites there are about Christian Science!  Each of us has a singular voice sharing with the world that most singular and universal love that can be demonstrated and practiced in Christian Science.  This post is six years old, but the ideas are ever new!  Enjoy!

Explore with me a minute what this means: healing happens at the point of letting go.

Healing through prayer can at times sound so simple as to seem simplistic, or as one of my friends said after hearing an explanation for the first time, it seems like magic. It is neither simplistic nor magic. The basis of healing through prayer, as taught by Christ Jesus, is sound. Its basis is comprised of three basic facts:

  • God (good) is All.
  • We are His reflection.
  • Anything unlike God (good) is unreal and powerless.
When I work with a patient, I listen and mainly work with these three ideas, whatever the situation is. For example:
  • What Truth calms an anxious thought about the future? Understanding that God is All.
  • What Truth dissolves low self-esteem? Knowing that we are God's reflection.
  • What Truth heals disease? Reasoning that anything unlike God (good) is unreal -- that is, powerless to impact who you are, as God's reflection, because God is All.
When the faith in God grows to be more than the faith in evil/disease/death/bad things happening to good people, we are more ready to trust God and let go of our concerns, arguments, and fears.(Click here to see Science and Health citation.)

When we understand that we can never be separated from God ( because we are His reflection) and that God is All ( good is always present) and we are safe ( bad things have no power to impact us/ anything unGodlike is unreal), we can let go and experience healing.

As a child, I grew up with some simple and profound ideas:
  • Let go and let God.
  • Don't outline good, because you can't outline good enough!
  • There is no spot where God is not.
  • Just Trust.
God is incredibly, powerfully, thoroughly good. His power dissolves and dissipates anything unlike Him, and we are safe in His care. (Click here to see Bible citation.) Understanding this - even in a degree - helps us to let go and experience healing.

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