Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blue Morpho of Happiness

Spiritual resource to share: Costa Rica inspirations

Why I felt this tinge of happiness everytime a blue morpho butterfly crossed my path, I'm not sure.

When my son decided he wanted to spend his high school senior year studying in Monteverde, Costa Rica, last January, we started planning. Of course in the planning, there was lots to think about: details about curriculum, living expenses, upcoming college applications, details about school, just details and more details. We were all also dealing with a new sense of home and a new chapter in our lives. Rick and I would officially be empty-nesters, sharing that role with my dad who shares our home.

So seven months later, we landed in Monteverde and Gabe got settled in to his new life and Rick and I took to walking the rain forests and through the towns. In the middle of a walk on a trail or walking down one of the mountain roads, blue morpho butterflies would pop up, flashing their neon blue off and on. It made me laugh.

Since they were everywhere and going in the same direction that we were going in, it reminded me that all was well; that we are all in our right place and going in the right direction; that God was at the helm here, and we could enjoy the beauty of His plan.

It had been an eventful year for all of us in the family, with my mom's passing a few months ago. Her gentle presence and consistent prayer helped to relieve us of a hard sense of grief and to realize that our love for one another never changes. God, as Love, continues to guard and guide as now, as He has in every aspect of our lives.

These blue morphos were a reminder of that love. It was interesting to know that our visit coincided right at the time they hatch, so they were literally everywhere. And to add another delight, we found that the indigenous Guatuso tribe considered the blue morpho as a symbol of love.

I smiled to think of what Mary Baker Eddy says about love and happiness:

Love inspires, illuminates designates and leads the way.

Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love. It is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it.

May the blue morpho cross your paths today!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Spiritual resource to share: community poetry

Last month, someone started a Haiku July (thanks Colleen!) and soon voices from all over facebook joined in. I think there were at least twelve novice poets that were sharing their haikus. I hope the others will post theirs too!

As I have been doing GodWords for many months now, it was easy to start doing GodHaikus! Enjoy these 5-7-5 inspirations sprinkled with Haikus from other friends. Soon, every time I opened up the computer.... well....

computer opens
a plethora of haikus
new friends and delight!

starting out....
Thinking of Godwords:
infinite ways to see God
being All-in-all

written with thoughts of a dear friend

rest assured, you are safe,
curled in the palm of Her hand

protected, alert

a prayer of wholeness

no bad parts, good parts,
divided, split or injured.
God declares me whole.

from Sandi

Teach me only truth

what's forever real and now.
Truth alone endures.

One haiku poet introduced

the word "zamming"

and soon many of us were finding

it was just the perfect word!
leaping and zamming
all God's children bounce and play
joyful abandon


no lines drawn between
sex, race, orientation
Christ is all, in all

for my sons
God's love for you and me
infinite and intimate
bigger than the sky

for busy people

satisfying rest
loon calls fill the evening
night ending day. peace.

removing the stone
hard headache of grief
cracks; reveals the primal point
of sustaining love

This is like an

angel message to me today.

(from a commenter)

Choose your path. Look for
ameliorative signs:
freedom, flow and growth

morning haiku

calm presence of Love
strengthens my confidence: God
underlines my day


struggling wrestling
heaviness and sludge of doubt
breakthrough: startling joy

from Amy
darkness falling
rain falling
thought rising into pure inspiration

A favorite!! from Isobel:

Oh cuddle divine
arms a big as outer space
trigger sweet release

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