Tuesday, August 29, 2006

meditation for the hard-working over-achiever II

The first blog entry of "meditation for the hard-working over-achiever" last month went over so well (there must be a lot of you out there!) that I thought I would continue and do another one!

I have always prided myself on being a productive multi-tasker. In high school, I used to have a sign on my door "Do It." This was WAY before Nike's 1988 "Just do it" campaign. I was so ahead of them. I could list all of my accomplishments and loved doing resumes - and loved going over these things, feeling very good.

Now, after months of a schedule and list of accomplishments decidely toned down, I have done some re-thinking on the whole meaning of being hyper-active, hyper-productive, I have asked myself, is this a good thing?

What has been good is that I am learning more about God's grace and accepting that good is always happening. My priorities are shifting more toward time in prayer, to understand God and the grand scheme of things and to love family and friends and take time to do these things. This echoes the answer Jill Carroll gave when asked the question about what she found as most important in her life after her experience being kidnapped. "It becomes incredibly clear.... I wish I had spent more time with my family."

Bible commentary from Interpreter's One Volume Commentary of the Bible, discusses our inheritance of God's goodness and accepting this inheritance -- by explaining Galatians 4: 1- 7. Our inheritance gives us:
  • "freedom from the self defeating struggle for status before God,
  • from enslaving preoccupation with one's own worthiness;
  • and freedom for the full attainment of one's true maturity as an heir of God's promises."

The downside of list-loving is that I felt restless in quiet times. Restlessness is not a quality of God. I saw that while many of the things I have done felt good, freeing and helpful, I also recognized that to NOT be doing something made me feel anxious as if there was some deep-seated anxiety that said deep down I was lazy. I also saw that one of my motives for always being active and "doing things" was to run away from the fear that I might truly be a genuinely lazy person!

I am not quite sure how I let this idea grow in my thought. But now that I recognized it, I could expose it and let it dissolve.

First, I knew I was not made of lazy stuff. As I am a child of God, I reflect God, good - defined in part as omni-action and omni-present.

Second, I realized that I am not being chased by a false claim of being lazy. My motive for all my actions increasingly are to glorify God, not to run away from this baseless claim.

Third, I asked forgiveness that I could ever see anyone as lazy, including myself, and not as the child of God.

Fourth, I understood that all purposeful and effective action stems from God. In Science and Health, the definition of Day indicates that time is measured according to the good unfolded. Any action that has any substance comes from God and God maintains and sustains His actions. I can ride on His coattails, so to speak -- accept His graceful way of accomplishing all those things that are needed and that bless others.

Fifth - I understood that right activity reflects the even flow, consistent energy and calm balance of its Creator.

And finally, I could accept God's grace.

Activity goes on constantly. It is not ME that makes things happen. I only open my thought to recognize that all good comes from God. It is divine Love that always has met, always is meeting and always will meet every human need. This is accepting God's grace.

Hard-working is good. It is striving that gets us moving. But over-achieving? Impossible when our actions are fluid reflections of doing God's work.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day. Can you believe that it is here already?? It this has crept up so fast this year! But seriously, I had not heard about this day until today, but definitely want to add my voice to those who love dogs.

I have always had a dog. Their consistent qualities of loyalty, unconditional love and immediate forgiveness - well - who wouldn't want to grace their home with that!! My brother and his wife - serious dog lovers - commented that life for them has always been a series of dogs.

My husband and I got our first dog from a shelter. It took a few visits for me to decide on which dog was ours and I kept coming back to one dog in particular named Jesse. After about the third visit, she knew something was up and became incredibly animated. She knew she was going home. Once the paperwork was done, I got a leash and took her home. She could not leave the place fast enough as she pulled and lunged toward the door of the shelter, into my car and then into our family forever.

Dogs have an uncanny way of communicating. Jesse, who we later named Bones, knew when I was sad, when I needed a sign of affection, which was always there. When I first got pregnant, she would lay her head on my increasingly large belly and look up at me as I was telling her about the changes to come. Once my son was born, she became much more protective. As another son joined the family a few years later, Bones became their constant companion. I can't imagine raising children without a dog.

Here’s a mix of great ways to celebrate dogs today!

Mary Baker Eddy comments about animals:

God is the Life, or intelligence, which forms and preserves the individuality and identity of animals as well as of men.

All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, and indestructible.'s magnificent spread of DOG sites, stories, videos and DVDs. (This is very moving! There is something for everyone - for those who love dogs and for those who should love dogs.)

Stories about pets homeless after Katrina

My kids' first "I can read" book: Go, Dog, Go

Another movie favorite: My Life as a Dog

Why a dog is man's best friend: Wallace and Gromit

Laugh your socks off movie ( a mocumentary) about dogs and their owners: Best in Show

National Dog Day's major focus is to pay homage to the unconditional love, companionship and bravery that dogs bring to us on a daily basis. Whether its service dogs that help the blind, handicapped or other-wise challenged humans, military dogs that serve in wars and public disasters (bomb-sniffing, hurricane relief, 9/11 rescue) or our own loving companions, National Dog Day will celebrate all dogs, from all walks of life.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Loving the hell out of someone

One of my first real jobs was that of a math tutor working in a public school. It was in a poorer part of town, and it was there that I learned a deeper dimension about love and how it can dissolve any sense of "hell" or evil or ugliness.

Her name was Darlene and she was a middle school-age dynamo. Agressive, given to outbursts of anger, she easily intimidated other students even though, with some kids, she was half their size. Teachers had their hands full with her and many students just wanted her to go away. The word in the teachers’ lounge was that she had trouble in her family, and it seemed that the expectation for her bad behavior was justified.

I could also see she was bright, very alert and loads of energy. I made a conscious decision to love her. In order to be intimidated, one has to agree to be intimidated, and I didn't agree.

Two of my tutorees were girls from Mexico and spoke little English, so, with Spanish as my second language, I gave them special math lessons. One day, Darlene stormed up to us ( she apparently felt free to storm in on others) and demanded I tell her how to say "I hate you" in Spanish.

"Te quiero." I offered ( this means I love you) .
"Take-ye-arrow" Darlene yelled in my girls' faces. They looked at me questioningly.
"You just said 'I love you'" I explained.
"What!!! Tell me how to say 'You're ugly'!"
"Tu eres muy bonita." I said.
Again, Darlene got close to their faces, scowled and snarled at them "Two err as moo-ee bone-eat-a."
"You just told them that they are very pretty." Again my two Mexican girls looked from Darlene then to me to explain what was going on.

I laughed. Darlene laughed. I explained to my girls what was happening. They laughed.
Then I went on to share some other phrases in Spanish that Darlene could say to help make my girls feel more comfortable. It was like a secret language only a few would know.

From then on, we had a special bond. It was easier to talk with her. I knew that she knew that I knew she was a good kid. And I knew I would hold her to that, expecting that she could do good things, like help these newcomers feel at home.

It was a seemingly small victory, but it pointed out to me that the "hell" in people is a fleeting thing, dissolved by two things - a constant affirmation of love and a refusal to believe that anyone could be defined and confined by evil thoughts or actions.

I found this in Science and Health that sums up this law of Love, this principle that when applied, brings about a natural sense of harmony, peace and happiness. Mary Baker Eddy writes, “The eternal Truth destroys what mortals seem to have learned from error, and man’s real existence as a child of God comes to light. ( SH p. 288)
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

how to launch your first kid

Way back in May, I wrote about a major decision our family was making re: our oldest son's schooling. We made the decision (with the son as the lead decision -maker) to have him go to a school focusing on the environment, ethics and innovation. After many forms filled out, interviews and visits, we got the confirmation and all was a go. I couldn't be more proud of him for wanting to do this.

As the day is approaching when he leaves - which would be tomorrow - I find that there have been a number of things that have helped me on this path of launching my first child.

  • I have come to peace about his leaving. But, even to consider it "leaving" is a bit off. It is more about being at peace with his growing - reaching out for new adventures, reaching back to feel the solid grounding of home, family and friends, and then reaching out, stretching, exploring. It is all about him getting ready to "Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes!"
  • I see him more and more clearly as a child of God. He gets his inspiration, energy and direction from an all-loving omnipresent God. He is, no doubt, a cool kid with an amazing Father-Mother ( i.e. God).
  • When I would get teary about him leaving, I realized it wasn't that I was sad for him, but for me. He is an engaging young man, a deep thinker and compassionate about many things. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself.
  • A couple of panic attacks hit me. Did we teach him enough about God? Is he confident enough to seek out his own adventure? Did we give him enough guidance? The attacks disappeared when I remembered that "Love is the fulfilling of the law." My love for our son is something I never question.
  • In any endeavor, I have used as my measuring stick these three words: freedom, flow and growth. In any new endeavor that I have tried, I have asked myself -- is there a sense of freedom, flow and growth? If I can answer positively, I move forward. If not, I know it is time for me to sit back, pray until I feel an impulse - unselfish and fresh - to move forward in another way. I have felt these three things throughout.

I shared this with my son tonight, as we sat talking about the adventures that lie ahead and the home that he will always have. There is such a sweetness about life and I am so grateful that I can share this life with my two sons. I find that I am being launched as well - into those larger lessons that continue to point us to God.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

sustainable peace and the triumph of prayer

On the eve of the Middle East ceasefire, I am reminded of the power of prayer in the release of The Christian Science Monitor free lance correspondent, Jill Carroll. It was an invigorating and refreshing affirmation of our collective prayers -- prayers from all faiths and even those who professed no faith.* It adds to a list of other evidences that prayer has had a major role in making a difference in the world, such as with South Africa’s ending of apartheid, the fall of the Berlin wall, stories of survivors from the Holocaust as well as our own individual triumphs through prayer.

This inspires me to continue to be bold in prayer -- not a zealous, overbearing boldness, but a meek, humble prayer as a current of thought persistent in its insistence of seeing good take the lead in all of our affairs, personal, national and global and especially in the Middle East tonight.

Mary Baker Eddy's seminal work on prayer-based healing, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures writes: "Evil is not supreme; good is not helpless" and "Love is the liberator.” Prayer’s power comes from its connection to the infinite source of Truth and universal Love.

In Isaiah, it is written: "Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation." has an article centered on this and asks:

Where do that wisdom and knowledge come from? Not from a political think tank, a
presidential brain trust, or a dictator's military advisers. Not from any human source at all. Isaiah, characteristically, pointed his listeners to the Almighty, the one divine intelligence or Mind called God. Isaiah spoke out of both divine inspiration and practical experience. He had seen the healing, steadying power of the Almighty's understanding. He knew how reliable turning to God always is. (Finding Stabilility in Times of War)

Turning to God helps us give our consent to larger demonstrations of peaceful reconciliation, non-violent solutions, and seeing humanity reveal its compassionate and healing roots. In growing confidence, we can pray affirming that war dissolves and yields to a powerful and sustainable peace.

*Please note that The Christian Science Monitor is releasing an 11 part series entitled "Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story"

Click here to read her compelling story of survival, her escape plan, the lives of the mujahideen who held her captive, and the details of her final release. The articles are accompanied by video interviews of Ms. Carroll as well as interactive maps and timelines. One story will be published each day for the next two weeks. To receive email notification when a new article is available, sign up here.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

celebrate the octogenarian

Here are some of the activities from the last few years of my favorite octogenarians: downhill skiing, travel to Italy, sailing across the Black Sea, writing as a regular columnist for the local paper, canoeing, managing a specialty bookstore, getting back into real estate, memorizing Shakespeare, etc. Even Mary Baker Eddy is on my list of favorites -- she was the one who put the finishing touches on the Christian Science world wide movement and started up The Christian Science Monitor when she was eighty-something. All before women even had the right to vote!

These guys have got a wonderful sense of agelessness. Who says you can't play at any age? The Bible and Science and Health with key to the Scriptures certainly confirm this:

And thine age shall be clearer than the noonday; thou shalt shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning - Job
The measurement of life by solar years robs youth and gives ugliness to age. The radiant sun of virtue and truth coexists with being. Manhood is its eternal noon, undimmed by a declining sun. - Science and Health

I love how Mary Baker Eddy characterizes growing older. She says,

Men and women of riper years and larger lessons ought to ripen into health and immortality, instead of lapsing into darkness or gloom. - Science and Health

As my lessons are getting larger and my years more ripe I remember years ago, when I went to a talk (later written up as an essay entitled "Doing Sixty") by Gloria Steinem. It was unforgettable. "I love sixty" she said "there are no rules anymore."

So I am now asking myself, "Whose rules am I following? Material health laws or God's laws." The choice is, of course, God's laws. My expectation is that year after year, I will grow into understanding more about beauty, power, abundance and peace. One day, after skiing down some slope, hiking up some mountain or writing a prize winning blog about spirituality and agelessness, I, too, will become someone's favorite octogenarian.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Conversations with God ...and the California Eagle

I have been IMing Scott (aka California Eagle) off and on for a few months now. After one inspiring conversation, I asked him if I could put our discussion on my blog and he said GREAT! In a short period of time we covered a lot of ground: spiritual growth, the difficulty in religion and explaining evil; death and inspiring revelation that God loves us and wants only good for us!

Here is a way of kind of listening in!

californiaeagle23: I have to ask you something!....Have you read the book "Conversations with God" by Neil [Neale] Donald Walsh?

Kim: I am familiar with it and have read portions. There is a film coming out produced by Spiritual Cinema.

californiaeagle23: Yup I know. What is your take on it?

Kim: Overall, good. There has been a deluge of books coming out exploring spirituality at a more intimate and practical level. I think these books, like Conversations with God are meeting a deep hunger we all have -- to know who we are, what we are here for and what is the meaning for life. These books are all good.

californiaeagle23: Do you know most of the concepts in the Conversations with God is no such thing as the Hell we think there is, and that there is no such thing as the devil, and the only thing God wants us here for is to co-create with him, and to remember who we are....and that God has granted us the same exact powers he has.... and that since we were created in the image and light of him, he would not want to have us burn in hell -- or what we think is "hell.” He says that "Hell" is not knowing who we truly are....: it is not the fiery wrath that everyone thinks it is

Kim: I have not read the book through. But the sentiment is one that is somewhat similarly discussed in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by MBEddy. Now THAT book I could talk about! Would you like me to share some ideas from that book?

californiaeagle23: yeah i would really like to hear your thought about it....because the logic described in that book [Conversations] truly makes sense to me: one of the things that I am having trouble grasping or really understanding is that....why would religion tell us that there is a hell......where we burn....when in reality....why would God want that for his children if we were created in the image and light of him, and truly are him....

Kim: good questions! It is like if God is love -- then why is He portrayed as unloving??

californiaeagle23: exactly! Its like....the book [Conversations] throws all religion out the window: and shows how institutionalized it is: and how it tries to teach something that is not real: and is totally against what God wants

Kim: In Christian Science God is seen as Love ( see 1 John 4:8) and as all powerful. If God is all powerful then nothing else but God as Love has power. Thus, evil has no power. If we give evil power, we are either saying that God is NOT omnipotent or we are saying that God is good AND evil, thus not all-loving.

californiaeagle23: well the book goes onto say that we make judgments of what is good and evil....and that it is really all relative: and there is really no such thing as good and bad. we just place those labels on people: based on our judgments: that are all relative: because what may be good to one person, is bad to another....or vise versa

Kim: I understand that good is the reality and evil is the unreality. Good has its own creative power, but evil needs someone to believe in it because it has no power of its own - thus it is relative. It is a hard thing in religion ( or theology ) to validate evil. There are many ways religions explain the source of evil, why bad things happen to good people, etc. But it is hard to explain simply because there is no logical basis for evil.

californiaeagle23: .......[The ideas in Conversations] make me look at life so differently....: Have you seen "The Secret?"It goes above and beyond all religion: and it troubles me a little bit....: but at the same time it brings me peace ; but its like, there are so many other people out there that need to read this....because my heart tells me that this is the truth... and that the institutionalization of what is hurting people, and not showing them the truth...just carrying out its agenda, but do you see what i am saying kim....

Kim: I understand what you are saying. In understanding God as one - all powerful - and understanding ourselves as made in His image and likeness, we have a principle or law to work out the problems of being. Evil - is something to be corrected, erased and replaced with the Truth of Being. That Truth can be a real comfort to others and can relieve suffering....

californiaeagle23: its like the logic of each point.....throws religion out the window....i think that is what took me back so much about the book

Kim: there are many religions - when you say "throw religion out the window" do you mean the religion that you grew up with?

californiaeagle23: yes....throw the religion i grew up with....its like....I know there is a God...but my beliefs after reading this book [Conversations] have completely changed so you will always just "Want" to be happy: but if you say "I AM happy" then you will be getting somewhere in your growth.

Kim: wonderful! Stating I AM happy is stating a great scientific Truth. you are starting at the correct standpoint when you start with Truth!

californiaeagle23: exactly: and its like....when you say....I are expressing lack.....and when there is lack in...there will always be lack out: and you will always just want....and the universe will be like that....

californiaeagle23: if you pray...."God please do this or do that or have this happen for me..." when you pray like that you are expressing lack...and will only get more lack

Kim: Yes, your prayer is acknowledging the presence of lack. Difficult starting point.

californiaeagle23: but if you say..."God thank you for helping me find success, and more abundance in life" that is what you will get over time...: time is the buffer between what is, and what is to come and by vibrationally aligning yourself with that in which what you want, and already feeling like you have it, you can create anything and everything you want in this life

Kim: I think it is not time but awakening. When we awake to see what we already have. See the story of Hagar in the Old Testament where a woman is banished to the desert with her son and feels that all is hopeless -- until she hears an angel message to open her eyes -- which she does and she sees a well in front of her. The water from the well sustains her and her son and they live. It wasn’t that her prayer made the well appear, but her prayer made her open her eyes to see what was already there.

californiaeagle23: yes, I read it: and being in the attitude of gratitude....attracts more of what you want

Kim: Yes! Let's take this higher

californiaeagle23: yes: real quick.

Kim: Prayer is not simply a form of positive thinking or an Aladdin's lamp!! It is not for the blessings of acquiring things, but for the blessing of knowing we are governed by divine Mind who is the source of abundance, blessings, and goodness.

californiaeagle23: exactly: that is what prayer is

californiaeagle23: on "The Secret" there was this woman diagnosed with breast cancer and in 3 months she healed herself just by saying daily "Thank you for my healing" with no chemo or no radiation

Kim: gratitude is a powerful healing agent bringing purity, protection, openness, willingness, humility and acknowledgment of God into thought and thought determines the outward and actual.

Kim: In many of the books coming out - it may seem that we are the creators of our wealth - that positive thinking is what is needed to get us what we want.

californiaeagle23: yes....but there is a missing link to that knowledge...: you need to feel like you already have it....and send out those feelings to the universe to answer; its the feeling that causes the attraction, not just merely positive thinking

Kim: But the highest form of prayer is more than just going after a feeling. It is an acknowledgement of God as omnipotent good and we are here to reflect that goodness in millions of different ways. It is more than the feeling that causes the attraction. It is waking up to what already is. Prayer is not about human accomplishment but about divine acknowledgment that God already has met and already will meet every human need.

californiaeagle23: yes: i don't know...this is just amazing: you should pick up the Conversations with God book and read it just to see what I am talking about....because my words don't do it justice

Kim: I know that it has helped many people and inspired them with their lives, so you are not alone! it is amazing the study of what is infinite and good and true brings infinite blessings! I have read parts of it and enjoyed it.

What I have found in my journey is that many of these books - by Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh, people who write about the spirituality of everything, etc.... have some of the ideas that I have been studying and practicing throughout my life. For me, they speak in very accessible language many infinite truths. I keep going back, however, to Science and Health. This is the most pithy book on the subject of healing through prayer., my relationship to God and the universe. I am amazed how constantly challenged I am by it and how much I grow from it. I have been healed by reading this book. (check out my website under Healing Resources)

Kim: so I find where I applaud books that come out delving deeper and deeper into practical spirituality and the understanding of a universal God governing all, I get most out of Science and Health and keep coming back to it.

californiaeagle23: hmmm interesting. yeah its like after reading this book, and watching the secret.....i can achieve anything i want in this life

Kim: I am delighted to hear how your spiritual journey is evolving.

californiaeagle23: because if feel like i have the highest spiritual truths of the universe

Kim: We receive according to our asking, but if we pray with the wrong motive, we don't get it. That's a Jesus statement.

californiaeagle23:agreed: for me i feel in complete line with what i want, why i want it, and what I plan on doing....: its like for me.....the money is secondary.That didn't happen until my father died: for me its about the relationships with people: helping people realize their full potential: helping people get to where they want to go: and having me help them get there: and touching the world one card at a time, helping people with their health, and helping high school student athletes get into college to play their sports

Kim: MBEddy writes "Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind and happiness would be more secure in our keeping if sought in Soul. " Sounds like you are looking in the right direction!

californiaeagle23: I truly want from my efforts to be a full time MLMer [Multi Level Marketer....aka Network Marketer], and to be able to have the freedom to run my business dealing with the high school athletes

Kim: It sounds like you are tapping into this happiness already.

californiaeagle23: and with what I know now.....i know that is possible: its like i am infinitely happy: i am higher than high .... its is not about me: that is my attitude: and the attitude that i have is....I have nothing to lose: and another thing i live by is....If you want to make God laugh show him your plans : and another....Life is a journey back to God

Kim: I love that! Life is a journey back to God.

californiaeagle23: its like....i don't have the attachment to material things like i did before my father died...because i have the inner happiness inside of me, and the attitude that everything that is material really is meaningless in the end: but that doesn't mean i would still like to have the nice house, and nice cars, and nice lifestyle

Kim: And you realize you have the substance of Life - forever

californiaeagle23: exactly: this life is not the only one i have: it goes on into the spirit world : where i will be reunited with my father again

Kim: Thought does determines experience. It is interesting to think about what death does not do. As children of God we reflect eternal life. We are ideas of God. Eternal. Your father's life is eternal as well. What death does not do is separate us. How can death separate two eternal ideas joined by the one Father-Mother God?

californiaeagle23: i know.....i have already experienced so much of my father since he has passed...i have to tell you something....

californiaeagle23: I went to a spiritual medium.....: and my father came through so strong with his personality his wit and it was just so peaceful to know....and experience what I did in that session: and it made me realize that we don't know the time of our death, and also that the most important thing in this life are not things, but rather the relationships with have with people....because in the end, those are the only things that we take with us on into the spiritual world

Kim: I have been told it is not difficult for someone to pick up the strong impressions another has made on your own thought. It is even more wonderful you don't need another person to feel God's presence -- the same presence your father can feel now! You are connected by God. And we live in a spiritual world now. Jesus Christ said many times - the kingdom of heaven is within you.

californiaeagle23: yup: its just in a different dimension

Kim: The more awake we are to the spiritual things of God, the more we see that all things are possible to God

californiaeagle23: yup

Kim: This has been a great conversation!

Californiaeagle23: I know: I love intellectual conversations like this

Kim: How would you feel if I editted this for typos and put this conversation on my blog? Please feel free to decline if you want. But you bring up some wonderul universal questions and comments!

californiaeagle23: I would love that! Have people feel free to contact me: here is my e-mail address....: and I am a junior at Boston College.

Kim: WELL - if you are looking for college kids to hang with who are talking about these ideas all the time, check out the Christian Science Reading Room on Massachusetts Ave near the corner of Huntington and Mass Ave -- Back Bay area. Check the Reading Room out. I have a good feeling that you will find some peers thinking a lot like you!

californiaeagle23: kim i really appreciate it

Kim: ok - I need to get going - i have an appointment. But stay in touch - check out my blog tomorrow, you will be on it!

Resources talked about in our conversation:
The Secret
Conversations with God (which is now a whole institution)
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
The spirituality of everything - Publisher's Weekly
The story of Hagar in the Old Testament

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

to those who live with the spirit of adventure

Adventure - I even like how the word sounds.

I have always loved the feeling right before going on a trip. Plans made, supplies packed and a whole lot of unknown possibilities in front of me.

Or times when a boss says: can you pioneer this project? Can you pilot this program?

Or when you are about to create a whole new piece of art, venture on a new friendship, challenge yourself to run faster, climb higher, kayak with more grace, bike with more speed.

These times are exhilarating, horizon opening, burst out of the box experiences are things that I have come to love and expect to see regularly in my life. I have sought them out in silent sports, in family life, in work related projects and now in my spiritual journey.

I'll have to say that Christian Science has given me a keen sense of the adventure that will never end. To practice Christian Science, and to get good at it, is to understand the infinite to a degree that that becomes your experience.

Living fully, challenging yourself to love more deeply, and expecting that your life will broaden as it becomes more profoundly inspiring enables one to become a force for good, blessing more, and glorifying the infinite good, God.

"God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis" from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. The spirit of adventure comes from God - the source of all beauty, love, spontaneity, peace and infinite wonder.

The basis of adventure is that Divine Love is All. That is enough. You have hit pay dirt. This is it! The buck stops here. This is where the story is. This is where it all happens!

See the attached for some incredible and everyday adventures and adventurers:

Sea Kayaking (click on "View sample clip")

The Lewis' Continental Divide Trip

Life Comes at You Fast

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