Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ann and Emily and the magic of everyday

I have four surprise visitors this weekend, two of whom are quite short. One is Ann who wants to say hello:

and the other is Emily who wants to do the same thing her twin sister just did. SO hello from Emily:

A big part of my affection for them comes from the fact that we belong to one another and we are happy about that. The other part comes from our mutual attraction to strange and glorious things.

When the twins come to visit, we kind of rush together to show each other every thing that is important. They show me how my glass marbles have become jewels. They squeal with delight and invent new words as our big dog lickles their toes. (Lickles, of course, is a verb which means licking and tickling.) We go and visit our creek where sweet moss grows and look for darting minnows in the sun and shade of the waters. If it rains at night, I'll turn on our outdoor lights and show them how it looks like it is raining diamonds. One son shows them secret places in the house where they can read books and the other son tells them of big adventures he is undertaking.

Our visit is a big crescendo of kidness and I love it. My nieces, my sons and reallly all the kids I know and love, give me inspiration, hope and the earnest commitment to build a better world. They remind me how important it is to be a child at every age. I love Mary Baker Eddy's quote when she says:
Beloved children, the world has need of you, - and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind!" ( From Miscellaneous Writings, p. 110)
Signing off,


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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Secure in a storm

One thing I know for sure ( among other things!) is that God is with us in every circumstance, guarding, guiding and protecting.

I have had many situations that bear this out including this one. Once when I was kayaking down the Ocoee, a whitewater river in Tennessee, my boat tipped over right before a major rapid. I got sucked out of my boat and under a large undercut rock and was held there by the powerful currents. I remember thinking that I had a choice to panic or pray. I prayed. It was a quick and pleading "Father!" I felt calm. I opened my eyes, reached out toward the sunlight I could see upstream of the rock and I was out.

Concerned friends who had seen the incident and were waiting for me said I was under for a long time, but all I remember is my choice, my prayer and getting swept to safety.

So the thing I know for sure is that wherever we are in a storm, a car or at the movies, God is right there with us. We can be safe in a storm. We can know our loved ones are held in God's care.

For more incidences of God's protecting power and other helpful articles dealing with praying about Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, please visit These prayers and mine are joining in with thousands around the world that affirm that God is able to still the waves and calm the storm.

Peace, safety and love to you all,

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