Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aprendiendo a escuchar

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Recursos espirituales de compartir: ¡Lecciones e inspiraciones en español!

Vine a Costa Rica por muchas razones, incluyendo aprender a escuchar. Mi educación de español era un poco irregular, pero tengo bastante capacidad y puedo hablar mas o menos bien. Pero, es obvio, necesito escuchar con mas atencion.

Los creo que se necesitan tres cosas escuchar con atención:

1 – la voluntad

2 – amor

3 – la creencia que es posible.

La voluntad

Querer algo es estar abierto a una experiencia nueva. En este caso, no es importante tener un orden del día, pero es im portant estar receptivo a cualquier cosa que otra persona haya dicho.


El Amor - es uno de las siete cualidades de Dios (se escrita en Ciencia y los Salud con Clave de las Escrituras por Mary Baker Eddy). Y mas, los sinónimos de amor son balance, harmonía, y la igualdad entre demanda y provisión.

Cuando hay un ambiente de harmonía, es mas fácil remover las distracciones y entonces, tener un enfoque claro a la otra persona. Existe un equilibran entre el hablante y el escucha. Hay una expectación que el mensaje es claro decir y igualmente claro escuchar.

La creencia es que es posible escuchar y comprender

Creencias como "yo ningún tengo la capacidad a aprender; estoy tan viejo, tan perezoso, tan preocupado" etc. Esos creencias necesitan tirarles.

Sus creencias probado la direccion de su vida, y es su responsabilidad de elegir sus pensamientos con sabiduría.

Su deseo, expectaciones, y voluntad alcanzara un otros y escuchara con un actitud que sera abierta y apoyara. Aprendiendo a escuchar es aprendiendo a amar.

Friday, January 29, 2010

humble expectations

Spiritual resource to share: a spiritual approach to new experiences

I was surprised when clicking off my Godwords* before our trip that it started with humble expectations. But as we headed off to the airport, with our bare minimum luggage and packs, long list of contacts and addresses - humble expectations were the one thing I kept reminding myself were most important.

This wasn't a trip in which we were trying to get away from it all, nor was it a luxury trip. It was a trip designed for the four of us to have time together to explore and play off our own discoveries of what we were learning and enjoying with each other and with the people we met along the way.

Humble expectations helped me to NOT outline, and to be open to new experiences. So, if the food, accommodations, travel arrangements or weather were not what we were used to, we have already set up the framework of this trip to be ready for anything and thrive outside of our own comfort zone!

O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. So is this great and wide sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts

Humble expectations helped to clear the deck so we could see beyond what was familiar. Drawn to what is infinite and good, we weren't disappointed!

The first week, we lived in a clean and airy beach cottage with electricity and running water, just a two minute walk to the beach. Every day, we would do something - sea kayaking, ziplining, visiting an animal rescue center, hiking up through the jungle, eating and smelling our way through with the help of a new friend whose family had lived there for decades.

Every afternoon we would take in the beach, or explore the town or just relax. Dinners were out in the bohemian town of Puerto Viejo where reggae, arabic and hip hop could be heard on the streets. Nights we were together, talking, reading, writing, falling asleep to the sound of the waves or the wind....

The last two weeks were spent up in the mountains of Costa Rica where we went to language school and volunteered in the community and took in the incredible diversity of the flora and fauna and the people.

"The earth is full of Thy riches" and I was enriched by just letting go of any outlining and letting in the beauty and the fun that was there for the taking.

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I'm baaaaack!

Spiritual resource to share: returning home


I have missed being here at my desk, blogging away into the blogosphere and catching connections with all of you who stop in and visit.

But it has been a very full few months and I am happy to say I have kept up with family and the practice. But two other major projects demanded the rest of my time.

1 - We now are part of a blended household. My parents moved in the end of October and we have continued to take the best of two households and blend them into one, and giving the rest away to thrift stores and charities. Work on renovations, remodeling, and unpacking all were finished before Christmas and we were all tucked in quite nicely for the holidays.

2 - Plans for an amazing family trip to Costa Rica were underway most of this time. In January we spent 3 weeks on the beaches and in the mountains exploring the language, the people and the incredible bio-diversity that Costa Rica is known for

I have lots more material to share with you all, so stay tuned! And it is good to be back.