Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...and comforters are needed much of Christlike touch

Spiritual resource to share: a spiritual dimension of care

When my mother needed care, my dad, my husband and I were well prepared to give her what she needed. But we soon found calling others for additional support was needed. This new support was both surprising and refreshing!

In one instance, I called a Christian Science nurse to ask for ideas in how to prepare food. She gave me some inspiring ways to think about food as well as practical ways to prepare the food done in a way that was normal and natural.

By the end of our phone conversation, I had not only new meals I could prepare, but also an entirely inspired way of looking at food. Gone were the overly processed foods, replaced by fresh and whole foods. Variety and appropriate proportions, balance and color all became a part of preparing nourishing food for my mom. Preparing a meal became an act of love, seasoned with an expectancy of healing and a return to normal eating.

This was probably a small part in that Christian Science nurse's day. But to me, it gave me a renewed energy and even a sense of fun to our job of caring for my mom. This tender touch helped to break any sense of monotony or routine and brought it to a fresh and healing perspective.

This poem captures the tenderness of Christly caring for one another that I found so helpful.

Ask God to give thee skill
In comfort's art;
That thou may'st consecrated be
And set apart
Unto a life of sympathy.
For heavy is the weight of ill
In every heart;
And comforters are needed much
Of Christlike touch.

Poem by AE Hamilton
(as shared on page 95 in Retrospection and Introspection by
Mary Baker Eddy)

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prayer for the Gulf - prayer for mankind

Spiritual resource to share: corrective purity

Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico

On my four hour drive home last night, I listened to news on the radio as much as I was in range. Having such an intensive session of news reporting, I started seeing a pattern – of reporting anger, arrogance, ignorance, hopelessness, the awfulness of the human condition. This cancerous outcry for all the attention of the airwaves and all the attention of our thought woke me up.

We have a choice. We don’t have to accept this. I don’t want to be passive about this.

RE: the gulf – we can (what an amazing word!) sweep away the false and give way to the true. So what authority is given to us that we CAN do this?

The authority of omnipotent Truth - which is a synonym of God - is given to us to sweep away the chaos, disorder and mistake and see the brilliance, purity and power of Truth revealed.

The power of Truth – purity – is attractive and it is normal, natural, and factual that all those children of Truth (you, me, the people at BP, the people on the coasts, politicians and children and so on) be attracted and drawn toward Truth, honesty and purity.

It is our own purity that draws us towards those practices most reflecting purity, power and Truth. This is as natural as a flower turning toward the light, the river finding its easiest course, the stately progression and growth of a redwood.

There is no obstacle in this natural progression. This means that the anger, conflict, arrogance, mistake, the threat to life and potential threat to future life, have no power, influence or substance.

We are not followers of the human drama. We have been called to demonstrate – to witness – God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. We are Christ’s followers, Truth’s followers, Love’s followers.

In following Principle, Truth, we remember that there are infinite resources, ideas and solutions that are at hand. Courage is a spiritual quality in ample abundance. Intelligent care is based on omnipotent Love and is accessible now. Innovation has its roots in Principle – a quality of God we all reflect. We can call on and expect brilliant solutions to any of life’s problems. If God is All, then there is no condition where God’s laws are not operating.

This is what we are called to demonstrate – to expect and to give our consent to the healing solution to this problem. There is a perfect solution that will bless all.

This fact established in Science and Health covers all the bases for my prayer here.

S&H 99:23

The calm, strong currents of true spirituality, the manifestations of which are health, purity, and self-immolation, must deepen human experience, until the beliefs of material existence are seen to be a bald imposition, and sin, disease, and death give everlasting place to the scientific demonstration of divine Spirit and to God's spiritual, perfect man.

Keep praying. Keep revealing God’s power in your life.

Thursday evening: This just in !
Good friend Isobel added these comments:

Isobel Sally Davis May 20 at 11:23am
This quote is phenomonal! Perfect quote to lift thought with all the talk of oil probably getting a ride on the loop current and gulf stream. thank you for that!

Another quote that keeps coming to mind relates more to the moral aspects..."...level wealth with honesty..." Whether it is a plane crash due to negligence of the pilots, or a natural disaster caused by the collective belief of chance, I think it's a great opportunity for moral progress. Not that the oil companies are evil, but the temptation for oil companies to cut corners to increase profits, and for the government to let them, needs correcting.

Also, the claim that human error can ever cause catastrophe is something that needs challenging. I am working on that all the time, stepping away from human responsibility and blame. Stepping away from ego and having the courage to claim God's control and power. "let" the reign of divine Truth Life and Love. When will humanity learn that they have power over the weather, etc.

Isobel Sally Davis May 20 at 11:34am
It wasn't letting me finish.... when will humanity learn that God is omnipotent, and has authority over tornados and ocean currents! (I include myself in this). You might be interested in an article on by me about "safe in the eye of the storm" where I was forced to defeat my fear of weather and had a perfectly harmonious experience at sea. I was able to gain a taste of the culture, social and political systems, and wildlife while I lived and worked in Louisiana. It gives me many more thoughts about this whole thing! xo

Click here to follow the news from The Christian Science Monitor.

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Friday, May 07, 2010


Spiritual resource to share: mother-love

After I wrote my first blog about my dad, my mom commented, a little wryly, that I had never written one about her! Well, I checked and realized little bits of mom's wisdom were scattered all over my posts.

This being our first Mother's Day without her, I realized just how much her life's experiences and values are woven into mine. One of the many things we share in common is a love of Christian Science. Its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote something that rings so true and gives me great comfort:

The beautiful in character is also the good, welding indissolubly the links of affection. A mother's affection cannot be weaned from her child, because the mother-love includes purity and constancy, both of which are immortal. Therefore maternal affection lives on under whatever difficulties.

Here are some of my favorite bits of Mother-wisdom I wrote about in my past blogs. Enjoy!

When I left home for college, my mother and I still maintained a very close relationship. When she would call me on the phone, I knew it was her before I answered. And many times when I would call her, she would answer the phone with "Hello Kim!" ( and this was well before caller ID!)
I also noticed that when I was away from home and in trouble, my mom would later tell me that she felt I was in trouble of some kind and would either start praying or try to get in touch with me. This phenomenon became quite natural and it just was the way we operated.
I came to see how much of this was a direct reflection of our infinite Father-Mother God - God who is always knowing our needs, always there to comfort, guard and guide us. God is constantly talking to each one of us. God is constantly sharing with us ideas that help protect us, provide for us and comfort us.

Two of my favorite citizens of the world are my mother and a former colleague. What they have in common was that they love people deeply and unconditionally. My mother has not yet traveled outside of her country, but every friend I have ever introduced to my parents, from Ethiopia, Iceland, Germany, Cameroon, Colombia, Brazil, Colorado, next door – it almost doesn’t matter where they are from – she just loves them.
Likewise, a former colleague: She speaks nine languages and moves from one culture to the next with hardly a blip. They both know what it takes to be a global citizen.
The best "global citizens" I know are those who love most unconditionally. They love beyond cultures and borders. They love knowing that we are all God’s children and we are all welcomed and at home in the world.

I grew up with the idea that "there is no spot where God is not." My mother always assured me that God is love and is everywhere. This comforting thought helped ease me through many new situations, and it comforts me now. There is no hollow area where God's presence, comfort and love cannot be felt.

Heaven - all that is good - is right here, right now. "This is the best time of life" my mother would say whenever I would ask her what her favorite time of life was. No matter what decade it was, I always got the same answer. She got the heaven thing right on.

I was brought up in Christian Science. I had the benefit and blessing of a mom who always helped me through prayer whenever I had any difficulty. Her tenderness and loving kindness is how I came to understand God. In my journey to the full time public practice of Christian Science, I could see how God was guiding me to new experiences, each experience giving me a higher view of Christian Science. It started with being able to feel the love of God through my own understanding and my mom’s example.

I went to pick up my mother for an evening event. She had been waiting half the day to tell me about her latest "Aha!" Finally, we had a moment and she shared an inspiring moment of understanding more about God. This opened up for her a whole new and helpful way of seeing things. "Enlightening, isn't it?" she winked.

Mary Baker Eddy explains this in Science and Health:
When understanding changes the standpoints of life and intelligence from a material to a spiritual basis, we shall gain the reality of Life, the control of Soul over sense, and we shall perceive Christianity, or Truth, in its divine Principle.

The real story, the primary story, is that we gain a better understanding of how God really operates. We get it. We understand more of the principles behind Christianity, behind Truth itself. And that is when life gets bigger, broader and more inclusive. And that illuminates our whole world.

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